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A Revolution in MEtal Plating and Coating Options

Introducing a Unique Thermal Boron Diffusion Treatment

Our BLAZE ® treatment uses chemistry and heat to produce a hard and slick Inter-metallic non-brittle layer at the surface of metal parts that provides extreme wear and abrasion resistance. Not a coating, the base material is transformed to an inter-metallic Boride from the original surface down to the penetration depth, resulting in zero dimensional change.

The treated surface is extremely hard, yet not brittle, with a very low coefficient of friction, ideal for producing a functional surface to reduce wear and abrasion.

Extreme Abrasion Resistance

BLAZE ® treated surfaces provide extreme wear and abrasion resistance extending the life of your product.

Environmentally Safe

The BLAZE ® process is environmentally benign, producing zero hazardous waste via air or water.

Knoop Hardness Certified

BLAZE ® wields a Knoop hardness of 1800-2300 (harder than Tungsten carbide), making it extremely impact resistant without unwanted brittleness.

Permanent Lubrication

The BLAZE ® surface provides permanent lubrication regardless of load size, producing the ultimate functional surface .

Replacement Technology

BLAZE ® is an ideal replacement for Hexavalent Hard Chrome, Iron Nitriding, PVD, CVD, HVOF, Carbonitriding, and Boronizing.

Zero Dimensional Change

Because BLAZE ® is infused into the substrate and is not a coating, the treatment is achieved with zero surface distortion or dimensional change.

Impervious to Corrosive Chemicals

Metal surfaces treated with BLAZE ® are impervious to the corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide.

No Potential for Bond Failure

The BLAZE ® treatment is not a coating, but a diffusion process, removing the risk of bond failure.

Transferable Process

The BLAZE ®  process is highly repeatable, scalable, and transferable across multiple industries and companies of all sizes.

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In an ASTM International G65 Test comparing all the coatings currently used by the oil and gas industry to reduce wear and increase the life of the pump, valve, pipe and other crucial parts, BLAZE ® has the highest wear and abrasion resistance of any of the other technologies available on the market today.

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Industries We Serve

A revolution for the metal coatings industry, sustainability and environmental advantages are two of the key benefits of the BLAZE ® process, allowing companies across a wide variety of industries to streamline their processes by minimizing the need for maintenance operations and reduce the risk of safety and environmental incidents and concerns.

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Our process is transferable for integration into current manufacturing facilities and operations to improve part longevity and decrease wear and downtime.

The Blaze Technology

Superior Industrial Protection for All Metal Surfaces 

The chemical formula found in the BLAZE ® boron carbide process allows boron atoms to migrate into the treated material converting the surface to a condition such as iron, nickel, cobalt or chrome boride depending on the substrate alloy.

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An Environmentally Safe Process

Cost-Effective and

The BLAZE® process poses no known health risks associated with regular handling and disposal, nor does it appear as a potential threat to the EPA. The process is completely environmentally safe, with no water, air or toxic mist discharges. The technology is unique in that it increases abrasion and corrosion resistance of a part without adding dimension.

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